Gospel of Thomas Online Videos and Podcasts

(a page of The Gospel of Thomas Resource Center, by Michael W. Grondin)

Elaine Pagels at Vanderbilt (Oct 3, 2013, 2 hrs, lecture + after-discussion)
... "New Reflections on Gospel Traditions: The Gospel of John and The Gospel of Thomas"

André Gagné (Brice Jones interview, May 2013, 14 mins)

Mark Goodacre and Simon Gathercole (MRB, Mar 2013, 28 mins, some tech problems)

Eerdmans Interview with Mark Goodacre (Feb 2013, 8 mins)

"What is the Gospel of Thomas?" (podcast, Mark Goodacre, Nov 2012, 13 mins)

A Dramatization of the Gospel of Thomas (2009, several variations, 45-50 mins each)
... On NT Blog (Nov 2012, Perrin translation [from Thomas and Tatian])
... On MorphicMedia.TV website (all variations)

"The Gospel of Thomas: First Glimpse" (podcast, Mark Goodacre, Oct 2009, 12 mins)

Thomas, Gnosticism, & Platonism (Dale Martin, Yale, YouTube, Sep 2009, 50 min lecture)
... (Part of an intro course, and Martin isn't a Thomas expert, so there are some inaccuracies)

The Lost Gospels Part 1 ... Part 2 ... Part 3
... YouTube copy of a BBCFour TV programme, Dec 2006 (9 parts, 10 mins each).
... The first two+ parts, focusing on the Gospel of Thomas, feature Stephen Emmel,
... Bart Ehrman, on-site footage, and stunning views of the Coptic manuscript.
... Other parts (not linked here) discuss the Gospels of Philip, Mary, Peter, the
... Ebionites, Marcion, and the formation of the canon.

The Discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library (YouTube extract from 'The Gnostics',
... a 1987 Channel 4 (UK) programme featuring Elaine Pagels, Hans Jonas, Giles Quispel,
... James Robinson, and Mohammed Ali el Saman. Some inaccurate info: there were 12
... books*, not 13 [per Robinson], and the jar was about 2 ft tall, not 6 [per Pagels]. 7 mins.)
... Companion book by Tobias Churton. (See Mark Goodacre's blog notes, Oct, 2009)

*See How Many Books Were in the Jar?

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