Notices in Print

Concordance (2013)

Saying-by-Saying (interactive, 2009)
... contains revisions to page-by-page presentation, further revised by Concordance

Page-by-Page (20-page pdf file, Nov 2002)
(This file is being kept as-is for historical purposes, since it has been linked
to the controversy over the Jesus' Wife Fragment. It should not be taken as
representing the author's current thinking on various translation issues.)

Full Lexicon (Coptic and Greek) (9-pg pdf)
Coptic Lexicon (9-pg pdf) (1st posted 18 Jan 2017, but created years earlier)
Greek Lexicon (3-pg pdf)
(the above were produced at different times and in somewhat different formats)
Names & Numbers
English Abbreviations
Translator's Notes:
Why an interlinear translation?
The Goals of this Translation
Some un-English-like features of Coptic
Miscellaneous notes
Facsimiles (from pages 32 and 51 of Nag Hammadi Codex II):
The beginning of The Gospel of Thomas
... and the end (with title)

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