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Alternate Tractate-names
Many of the Nag Hammadi texts have alternate titles in scholary use.
As in the chart below, the Greek term 'apocryphon' is sometimes rendered
'secret book', and 'apocalypse' as 'revelation' (as the canonical 'Apocalypse
of John' is known as 'Revelation'). Other differences are illustrated by the list
(by codex) at the Bibliothéque copte de Nag Hammadi site (Université Laval,
Louis Painchaud). Most names there correspond to Robinson, except:

(1) "On the Origin of the World" (II,5) is called "The Writing without Title".
Actually, this tractate has an inscribed title, but it's the wrong one. The scribe
mistakenly used the title of the tractate which follows it. "On the Origin of the
World" was an attempt to construct a title from the contents of the text.
(2) Meyer's "The Wisdom of Jesus Christ" is used instead of Robinson's
"The Sophia ...", a commonly-accepted change, since 'Sophia' is confusing.
(3) Meyer's "The Book of Thomas" is used without Robinson's (and the title's)
additional "the Contender". Opinions differ on which is better.
(4) The Gospels of Thomas and Philip are called 'according to'. Not uncommon,
but it should be realized that the same word (kata) is in canonical gospel titles.
(5) Uses the name 'The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit' in preference
to Robinson's "The Gospel of the Egyptians". There is much (including the title
actually inscribed in III,2!) to indicate that Robinson's choice was a mistake.
(6) For IX,3, uses 'The True Testimony" instead of "The Testimony of Truth".
(7) For VI,8, favors Meyer, but "Fragment of..." instead of "Excerpt from..."

Differences Between Robinson's Nag Hammadi Library (1988) ... and Meyer's Nag Hammadi Scriptures (2007)
I,2 The Apocryphon of James Ap. Jas. The Secret Book of James Scrt. Bk. Jas.
II,1* The Apocryphon of John Ap. John The Secret Book of John Scrt. Bk. John
II,4 The Hypostasis of the Archons Hyp. Arch. The Nature of the Rulers Nat. Rulers
II,7 The Book of Thomas the Contender Thom. Cont. The Book of Thomas Bk. Thom.
III,2* The Gospel of the Egyptians Gos. Eg. The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit Holy Book
III,4 The Sophia of Jesus Christ Soph. Jes. Chr. The Wisdom of Jesus Christ Wisd. Jes. Chr.
V,2 The Apocalypse of Paul Apoc. Paul The Revelation of Paul Rev. Paul
V,3 The (First) Apocalypse of James 1 Apoc. Jas. The First Revelation of James 1 Rev. Jas.
V,4 The (Second) Apocalypse of James 2 Apoc. Jas. The Second Revelation of James 2 Rev. Jas.
V,5 The Apocalypse of Adam Apoc. Adam The Revelation of Adam Rev. Adam
VI,2 The Thunder: Perfect Mind Thund. Thunder Thund.
VI,3 Authoritative Teaching Auth. Teach. Authoritative Discourse Auth. Disc.
VI,8 Asclepius 21-29 Asclepius Excerpt from the Perfect Discourse Perf. Disc.
VII,2 The Second Treatise of the Great Seth Treat. Seth The Second Discourse of Great Seth Disc. Seth
VII,3 Apocalypse of Peter Apoc. Peter The Revelation of Peter Rev. Peter
XIII,1 Trimorphic Protennoia Trim. Prot. Three Forms of First Thought Three Forms

*II,1 same title as III,1 and IV,1
*III,2 same title as IV,2

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