GTRC Links to Other Sites

Marcion (Free download of a brilliantly-conceived combination of invaluable source
texts and sophisticated software. Developed by Milan Konvicka. Highly recommended.)
St. Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society (Hany Takla)
.... Note: the Coptic NT CD available from the above site is highly recommended
Crum's Coptic Dictionary (at Tyndale Archive, best for searching)
Crum's Coptic Dictionary (at Paterson Brown's Metalogos site) unavailable 5 Jun 2014
Plumley's Coptic Grammar (at Paterson Brown's Metalogos site) unavailable 5 Jun 2014
Plumley's Coptic Grammar at Scribd
Exercise Key for Lambdin's Intro to Sahidic Coptic (Bill Arnal, Univ. of Regina)
Brankaer's Tables of Sahidic Verb Tenses and Names (chart per Judy Redman)
Coptic Fonts Standard (The Coptic Orthodox Church Network)
Coptic Computing Information (Penn State)
Coptic Scriptorium (Univ of the Pacific, Carrie Schroeder)
Concordance of the Sahidic New Testament (Alin Suciu, Nov 11, 2011)
See also: Coptic Language Links (Christian Askeland)

Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia ... Subject: Nag Hammadi library
Alin Suciu's Blog "Patristics, Apocrypha, Coptic Literature and Manuscripts"
An Interlinear for the Gospel of Mary (Mark Mattison)
IACS: International Association for Coptic Studies
Encyclopedia Coptica (The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt)
Nag Hammadi Library Section of the Gnostic Society Library (Lance Owens)
The Nag Hammadi Discovery of Manuscripts (Roger Pearse)
Interlinear Septuagint and Greek New Testament (The Apostolic Bible Polyglot)
Society of Biblical Literature (SBL)
The Ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah (Eliezer Segal, University of Calgary)
Thomas books from Bardic Press Gnosticism, GPh and GTh Weblog (A.P. Smith)

Sites with significant Gospel of Thomas content

The Gospel of Thomas Home Page (Stevan Davies, College Misericordia)
Early Christian Writings (Peter Kirby) (Gospel of Thomas page)
The Gospel of Thomas Collection (part of the Gnostic Society Library) (Andrew Bernhard) (Gospel of Thomas page)
Gospel of Thomas: Bibliography, Coptic & Greek Texts (Sytze van der Laan)
See also: NT Gateway links to GTh Resources (Mark Goodacre, Duke Univ.)

Gospel of Thomas in Scholarly Biblioblogs

PEJE IESOUS... Crux Sola (Chris Skinner) See esp. Gospel of Thomas Interviews
Judy's Research Blog (Judy Redman) Search for Thomas material
André Gagné's Blog
April DeConick's Blog ... Gospel of Thomas page

> The following blogs have some GTh content, but less frequently:
NT Blog (Mark Goodacre) Search for Thomas material
Larry Hurtado's Blog Search for Thomas material
Exploring Our Matrix (James McGrath) Search for Thomas material
Hypotyposeis (Stephen Carlson) Search for Thomas material
The Busybody (Loren Rosson III) Search for Thomas material

Apocryphicity (Tony Burke) Search for Thomas material
Thomas material on Euangelion (Michael Bird)

Online/Email discussion groups

GThomas, a moderated email discussion group devoted to the study of the Gospel of
Thomas and related subjects, was created in December, 1998. I (Mike Grondin) have
been the group owner since May, 1999. Co-owner is Rick Hubbard. Other moderators
are William Arnal, Andrew Criddle, Judy Redman, and Andrew Bernhard. Stevan Davies
is moderator emeritus. Participants include scholars, students and laypeople of all faiths
or none. (Please note that this is not a religious discussion group.)

to view the latest messages to this Egroup and/or subscribe, click here
to join, click here (if you don't get a confirming welcome message, contact me)


GospelofThomas, a loosely-run non-scholarly group for "spiritual seekers",
was started as an offshoot of GThomas in Jan, 1999, by Tord Svenson. Heavily
trafficked and currently run by Isabella Riley, it describes itself as:
"A list for those interested in exploring the meanings of the 114 Sayings attributed to
Jesus. An invitation is extended to individuals of all faiths and traditions who bring a
sincere desire for increased understanding, appreciation and fellowship."

to subscribe, or for more information, click here

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