Links for GJW Fragment Source-Page

HDS presentation of the fragment (Sept 18, now revised)
draft of Karen King's Proposed HTR paper: 0917... 0920 story filed Sept 17 (Ariel Sabar) story of Sept 18
Discussions on the GThomas elist (beginning Sept 19)
Mark Goodacre's post of Sept 19
Mark Goodacre's post of Sept 21
Oli Homron's image on Goodacre's blog
Andrew Bernhard's writings (first Sept 24th)
Mark Goodacre's post of Sept 24
Michael Peppard's essay of Sept 25
Suciu/Lundhaug's post of Sept 26
> Watson's revised paper of Sept 27:
Intro & Summary (main paper) Addendum
Timo Paananen's paper of Sept 27
James McGrath's post of Sept 27 linking to Paananen's paper
Suciu/Lundhaug's post of Sept 27
Christian Askeland's video posted to NT Blog Sept 28
College Hill Independent article of Oct 5th discussing DePuydt's role
Mark Goodacre's post of Oct 11th announcing Bernhard's paper
The Guardian article of Oct 16th
Mark Goodacre's post of Nov 9th announcing Bernhard's new paper
pdf version of my interlinear

Andrew Bernhard's GJW Page
Mark Goodacre, NT Blog (best one-stop site for all JGW news)
James McGrath, Exploring our Matrix (JGW blog postings)