The Jesus' Wife Chronicles

(a page of The Gospel of Thomas Resource Center, by Michael W. Grondin)

For four years, a debate raged over a Coptic fragment misleadingly called 'The Gospel
of Jesus' Wife'. It has now been shown to be a forgery based on a 2002 version of my
word-for-word interlinear. Following is my chronology of public (and some private)
events, and the relevant documents in my possession. (Michael W. Grondin, Jan 2017)

A Question of Content: How I Saw the Internet Furor Over the Jesus' Wife Fragment
Jesus' Wife Fragment 2014
Jesus' Wife Fragment 2015
Jesus' Wife Fragment 2016-17: The End of a Hoax
Jesus' Wife Fragment 2020: The Sabar Report (Veritas) **new**

Jesus' Wife Fragment: My Historical Documents

The GJW Story, as seen on two prominent biblioblogs (current to earliest postings)

Mark Goodacre NT Blog
James McGrath ReligionProf

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