The Jesus' Wife Fragment 2016-17: The End of a Hoax

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(Walter Fritz left (courtesy The Atlantic), Ariel Sabar right)

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Jan 21: Richard Carrier's lengthy, but lively and incisive analysis on
Why the Smart Money Is on the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife Being a Forgery

"It may turn out that you have a role to play at the end of this story as well as at
the beginning. I'm hoping so, anyway." (from my note to Ariel Sabar, 7/23/15)

Jun 15: Ariel Sabar's game-changing provenance investigation appears on,
identifying Walter Fritz as the owner of the fragment: The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus's Wife

Mark Goodacre posts The Owner of the Gospel of Jesus' Wife is Unmasked
(includes updates for later developments)

Jun 16: Christian Askeland's comments

Jun 16: Jim Davila's comments ... Jun 17 follow-up

Jun 16: April DeConick's comments

Jun 16: Carrie Schroeder's comments

Jun 16: Karen King Responds... at (Ariel Sabar)
("It [Sabar's article] tips the balance towards forgery," King said.)

Jun 17: Timothy Pettipiece's comments

Jun 17: Roberta Mazza's comments

Jun 17: Owen Jarus on LiveScience

Jun 18: Lisa Wangsness at the Boston Globe (“it appears now that all the material
Fritz gave to me concerning the provenance of the papyrus . . . were fabrications.”)

Jun 19: Malcom Choat on Lessons from the "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" Affair

Jun 20: Harvard Divinity School statement from Dean David Hempton
(... from NTBlog. Statement no longer publicly available at HDS)

Jun 20: Mark Goodacre interview on (with accompanying story)

Jun 20: Lisa Wangsness, Boston Globe: Harvard Theological Review won't retract ...

Jun 20: Mark Goodacre posts Last Chapter Round-Up

Jun 21: Interview with Ariel Sabar on NPR (Doug Fabrizio, KUER, 1 hour)

Jun 22: The Atlantic posts To Catch a Forger, a short YouTube video of Ariel Sabar

Jun 22: Article about Fritz and the fragment appears in his local newspaper
(page 1) ... (page 6) (Content posted on North Port Sun Facebook page June 24)

Jun 23: Charlotte Allen posts The Final Debunking to the Weekly Standard
(dated 04 Jul). (Relatively well-informed, but Allen's politics sometimes intrude.)

Jun 23: Carrie Schroeder's draft article Gender and the Academy Online posted.
(Originally presented at the 2015 York University Christian Apocrypha Symposium.)
Jun 23: Final Thoughts on Carrie's blog "Early Christian Monasticism in the Digital Age"

Jun 30: Robin Ngo posts "Down the Rabbit Hole" at BAS site Bible History Daily

Sep 14-16: Agder University (Norway) hosts Fragments of an Unbelievable Past?
as part of its 'Lying Pen of Scribes' project. Featuring Liv Ingeborg Lied's paper
on the media and GJW, and interview with Ariel Sabar.
Sep 19: Roberta Mazza's report on the conference

Nov 11: Bonnie K. Bennett, Harvard Crimson article "... Frenzy Distracts ..."

Nov 24-26: Three papers relating to GJW presented at SBL San Antonio
by James Yardley, James McGrath, and Joshua Mann

Mar 6, 2017: Andrew Bernhard's article Postscript: A Final Note about the Origin of the
Gospel of Jesus’ Wife
appears in NTS 63/2 (April 2017): 305-17
(focuses on the owner's transcription/translation)

Mar 8, 2017: Andrew Bernhard posts The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: Summary ... to Academia (2 pages)

Mar 9, 2017: Mark Goodacre posts Gospel of Jesus' Wife Updates to NTBlog

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