GTRC Coptic Fonts & Transliterations

The fonts featured on this page are true-type fonts chosen for their resemblance
to the uncial script of Codex II. These fonts are in the public domain and may be
obtained free-of-charge by following the instructions at the bottom of the page.

col 1 = numeric value of the Greek/Coptic letter
col 2 = the "A-font" = SPAchmim (spachmim.ttf)
col 3 = keyboard-mapping for spachmim.ttf
col 4 = the "C-font" = Coptic (coptic2.ttf) <== the font used on this website
col 5 = keyboard-mapping for coptic2.ttf
col 6 = English characters used in the B-Greek transliteration scheme
col 7 = English characters used in the author's Coptic-transliteration scheme

font sizes displayed: SPAchmim 14, Coptic 16

....coptic2.ttf (6/18/95, 28kb, Peter Gentry?)
....spachmim.ttf (8/4/96, 13kb, Jimmy Adair, Scholars Press)
....spachmim.txt (notes for spachmim.ttf)
....NHC2.ttf (better version of coptic2; added 6/22/09)