GTRC Images of Facsimiles

The following are scans of facsimiles contained in The Facsimile Edition of the Nag Hammadi Codices, Codex II (E.J.Brill, Leiden, 1974). Unfortunately, the photographs were taken in black and white, while the originals are the pleasing gold color of papyrus. (See Display leaf containing page 32 of Codex II). No complete set of color photographs has ever been taken.

The first 31 pages of Codex II, and the first six lines of page 32, contain The Apocryphon of John (one of three versions in the NH collection.) The beginning of Thomas immediately follows the title of Ap. John. The last six lines of page 51 are the beginning of The Gospel of Phillip, preceded by the title of Gos. Thom. (The convention of that time and place being to put the title of a work at its end.)

Most of the Nag Hammadi codices had page-numbers, but Codex II didn't. The markings visible in the upper left corner of each page are Arabic (not Greek) page-numbers inscribed in modern times - and they aren't correct. (To say nothing of the fact that they were inscribed on the papyrus, which is inexcusable.) According to Bentley Layton (based on a 1962 German publication by Bohlig and Labib), this was done sometime between 1949 and 1952 "apparently by the librarian of the [Coptic] Museum, Yassah 'Abd al-Masih ..." (Nag Hammadi Codex II, 2-7, vol. 1, p.2). But the Coptic Museum didn't receive the codices until June 8th, 1952, so if these numbers were inscribed in the process of photographic preparation, the date of inscription can perhaps be narrowed to June or July of 1952, when a shoot took place during which pages 1-100 of Codex II were photographed.
--MWG, 2008.04.08, rev 2017.01.19, 2021.07.22

NHC2p32 (CGTh p.1) ... (color)
NHC2p33 (CGTh p.2)
NHC2p34 (CGTh p.3)
NHC2p35 (CGTh p.4)
NHC2p36 (CGTh p.5)
NHC2p37 (CGTh p.6)
NHC2p38 (CGTh p.7)
NHC2p39 (CGTh p.8)
NHC2p40 (CGTh p.9)
NHC2p41 (CGTh p.10)
NHC2p42 (CGTh p.11)
NHC2p43 (CGTh p.12)
NHC2p44 (CGTh p.13)
NHC2p45 (CGTh p.14)
NHC2p46 (CGTh p.15)
NHC2p47 (CGTh p.16)
NHC2p48 (CGTh p.17)
-- (at this point, there is a blank sheet)
NHC2p49 (CGTh p.18)
NHC2p50 (CGTh p.19)
NHC2p51 (CGTh p.20) ... (color)