English Translations of Codex II Texts

(All texts are from the NHLe and at the Gnostic Society Library unless otherwise noted.)
(Thanks to Lance Owens, of the University of Utah)

1: The Apocryphon of John (long version; also as Codex IV, Tractate 1)
Frederik Wisse

2: The Gospel of Thomas
Thomas O. Lambdin (final version - 1988)
Stephen Patterson & James Robinson (from The Fifth Gospel)

(The following translations include material from P.Oxy. fragments not in II,2):
Stephen Patterson & Marvin Meyer
Stephen Patterson & Marvin Meyer (at misericordia.edu, courtesy Stevan Davies)

3: The Gospel of Philip
Wesley W. Isenberg

4: The Hypostasis of the Archons
Bentley Layton

5: On The Origin of the World
Hans-Gebhard Bethge & Bentley Layton

6: The Exegesis on the Soul
William C. Robinson, Jr.

7: The Book of Thomas the Contender
John D. Turner