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The Hidden World in the Coptic Gospel of Thomas (190815)

"I'm not sure what to say except "wow!" and to applaud both your attention to detail
from the minutest level to that of big picture and overall structure, and your creative
and insightful suggestion for how to interpret those details as a whole!"
(James McGrath)

Thomas-Related Writings of GTS Members at Academia (as above)
A List of Scholars Translations of the Gospel of Thomas in English (190407)

Index of Compositional Analyses of Gos. Thom. Logia (190226)
Thomasine Letter-Counting and the Analysis of Th111 (190130)
The 60 and the 120: L111 and 112 as the "Good Fruit" of L9.5 (181102)
New Evidence for the Thomas Puzzle Theory: Logia 1 and 38 (180826)
Catchword at a Distance: The Strange Case of Logia 11.1 and 42 (180119)
A Glimpse of Gos.Thom.'s Secret Inner Workings: Logia 8, 72, and 100 (171117)
The Hidden Structure of the Coptic Prologue to the Gospel of Thomas (180807)
On the Greek Prologue to the Gospel of Thomas (171015)
The Omega, the New World, and the Gospel of Thomas (171029)
The Controlled Use of Greek Words and Names in Coptic Thomas (160207)

A New View of Thomas: My Academia Writings (May 2018) (180515)
The Sickness in Th74: Scribal Error or Catchword at a Distance? (180306)
Gathercole on Th74 (180210)
On the Hidden Underside of Gos. Thom. (171107)
Counting and Numbering in the Gospel of Thomas: Summary of Findings (2016) (171025)

Letter-Counts of Gos. Thom. and Its Sayings (180913)
Numbers Associated with the Coptic Gospel of Thomas (180419)
The Distribution of Nomina Sacra for IHSOUS in Gos. Thom. (180325)
The Sayings-Block Structure of Gos. Thom. (180509)
The Nomina Sacra of the Gospel of Thomas and Their Numbers (170921)
Brief Notes on the Greek Number System and Early Christianity (170916)

On Hidden Numbers Canonical and Thomasine (180404)
Reflections on the "Three Words" of Gos.Thom. (180102)
... (2 other items also on this site)

GJW & Academia
Session Report on "An Open Letter About Academia Statistics" (190120)
Jesus' Wife - the Fragment and the Strife: A Timeline (181027)

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