Personal Information about the Website Developer

Michael Wilfred Grondin, born 10/2/43 in Pontiac, Michigan,
and currently residing near Mt. Clemens, Michigan, is the eldest
of four sons of Wilfred Louis Grondin and Shirley Marie Tyler
(deceased) of Milford, Michigan. Background in logic, linguistic
analysis, number theory, and computer software analysis.

1962:    graduated Milford High School, Milford, Michigan
1966:    B.A., University of Michigan (Political Science)
1967:    (moved to Washington, D.C., to take Civil Service position)
1968-70: military service (drafted into U.S.Army, stationed Virginia)
1971:    (moved back to Michigan to attend graduate school)
1971-77: grad school, Wayne State University (part-time)
1977:    M.A., Wayne State University (Philosophy/Logic)
1977-81: computer programmer, Michigan Cancer Foundation
1982-83: computer programmer, Volkswagon of America, Inc.
1984-99: computer programmer, Electronic Data Systems
1990     began independent research on the Coptic Gospel of Thomas 
1996     (late Nov) began construction on this site
1999-04: computer programmer, Karmanos Cancer Institute
1999     (Dec) became owner of Yahoogroups elist GThomas
2016     (Nov 11) started FB group Gospel of Thomas Studies

a brief self-evaluation (the good, the bad, and some of the ugly)
not an academic, yet the stereotypical "absent-minded professor"
a "word-smith" never quite satisfied with what he's written (revise this)
tries to be impartial; not affiliated with any religion or political party
suspicious of generalities; believes the truth best served by specificity
unpretentious, down-to-earth, good sense of humor, but overly-literal
takes issues seriously, but tries to keep things simple and avoid jargon
intellectually curious and innovative, yet detail-oriented, careful, cautious
constantly fighting the 3 P's: procrastination, perfectionism, and pack-rat-ism
introspective, tends to mull things over to the point of obliviousness
generally quiet, modest, and low-key, with occasional outbursts of spontaneity
pretty good at analysis and explanation, and putting others at ease
not afraid to admit mistakes, but always surprised when he makes one
can't resist trying to show others how clever he is (can anyone?)
did I say absent-minded?

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