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"There have been several translations of the Secret Book of John into English
and this book is indebted to all of them. It is fundamentally based on the
excellent interlinear translation of Michael Grondin."

(Stevan Davies, The Secret Book of John: The Gnostic Gospel, Annotated & Explained,
Skylight Paths Publishing, 2005, p.xxi)

(my interlinear of the "Secret Book" (or Apocryphon) of John isn't online - MWG)

"I am grateful to Mike Grondin for drawing my attention to the extraordinary size
of the sixfoot jar, so encouraging me to check the other recorded dimensions." [fn10]

(Mark Goodacre, How Reliable is the Story of the Nag Hammadi Discovery?,
Journal for the Study of the New Testament 35(4) 303322 (2013)

ref: https://www.academia.edu/26053912

"Should one read [XRHSTHS] (=usurer, creditor) or [XRHSTOS] (= good, kind)
[in Th65]? Michael Grondin has given a good run-down of the history of this
controversy [fn30]. He is insistent that "there's no evidence at all that the Copts
used the word XRHSTHS. Nor should it be assumed that it occurred in the Greek
version of Thomas, since Thomas isn't the kind of work where rare Greek words
not occurring in the NT would be expected to occur." [fn31]

(Robert Doran, "Ending a Performance: The Tenants in Luke 20:9-19 and
Gospel of Thomas 65" in John J. Collins et al, eds, Worship, Women, and War:
Essays in Honor of Susan Niditch
, Brown University, 2015, p.45)

ref: Good Man or Usurer? Battle Over a Lacuna

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